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System Assessment

Thinking about renovating or replatforming? Before making the decision to migrate to new technology, use our operational assessment to document corporate lore, identify risks and opportunities, and prioritize key performance comparison variables so that you can make an informed decision.

Big Data Readiness

Not sure if your application is suited to Big Data? Our analysts can evaluate the problems you seek to address, determine solution suitability to Hadoop, NoSQL, in-memory computing, and other emerging technologies., and then provide a blueprint and roadmap for Big Data Adoption.

Analytics Services

Analytics techniques only provide benefits when employed to address opportunities for creating corporate value that can be operationalized across the enterprise. Our analysts provide a holistic view of how to integrate the results of analytic applications into operational processes.

Problem Solving

Solution engineering is most relevant when the problem is well-understood. We prioritize clearly articulating and solving problems over technology acquisition and system design and integration to that our clients adopt and internalize only the processes and tools that best address the business needs.


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David Loshin
Managing Director
Globally-recognized thought leader and expert consultant in the areas of analytics, big data, information utilization, and business intelligence, and author of over 50 white papers and 9 books on information management and high performance computing.
Abie Reifer
Managing Director
Over 25 years of experience in technology strategy steering global decisions and adoption of emerging technology in areas such as telecommunications, mobility, health care IT, customer centricity, and government consulting.

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